Vũ Hoàng Anh is a Vietnamese designer who grew up in Hanoi. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University where he was trained in fine arts with concentrations in sculpture and 3D design. In this period, Anh had opportunities to work on both conceptual and hands-on projects in additional to collaboration opportunities with independent artists in both Ohio and New York. Attending the New York Arts Program’s apprenticeship in 2010 was his first involvement with the contemporary arts and design.

Early of 2012, Anh moved back to Vietnam and joined District Eight, leading its design and development teams. With hands-on experience from his training and earlier practice, Anh values the importance of craftsmen and their trades. From the innitial sketches to the development of prototypes, the conversations with the artisans play important roles in helping to fully form a product. Such experience has guided Anh to develop an artistic but practical senses that infused in his works.

Anh considers his most important role as a designer is solving problems by simply answering the 3 questions: why, how and what. For creating things requires an awareness of the need, then how to satisfy the demand and finally, what comes out as the most suitable solution. It is not only the aesthetical but also the functional values of the products that Anh is aiming for in his works. In 2017, Vũ Hoàng Anh set-up his own studio practice in Ho Chi Minh City and dedicated fully to his personal projects.

_Curriculum vitae is available upon request.


_2018 ar Magazine JAPAN
_2018 Đẹp VIETNAM, No. 236
_2018 Elle Decoration CHINA
_2018 Design Me ITALY
_2017 Handhome VIETNAM
_2017 Elle Decoration VIETNAM
_2016 T.pot Journal VIETNAM, Vol. 05
_2016 Wallpaper* UK
_2015 Room THAILAND, No. 144
_2014 Tatler Homes SINGAPORE
_2013 Wallpaper* THAILAND


_2017, SF Inspired, The Architecture of Sou Fujimoto by Handhome at Eco Park, Hưng Yên, VIETNAM.
_2016, International Furniture Fair Singapore, SINGAPORE.
_2016, UP#4 by Handhome, Hồ Chí Minh City, VIETNAM.
_2015, Asian Star Showcase at Singaplural, International Furniture Fair Singapore,  SINGAPORE.
_2014, International Furniture Fair Singapore, SINGAPORE.
_2013, International Furniture Fair Singapore, SINGAPORE.


_2017-2018, Bronze Winner in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design, CENTRE, A' Design Award, Milan, ITALY.
_2016, Best of Dining Room Exhibit, KAHN, International Furniture Fair Singapore, SINGAPORE.
_2015, Best of the Year, THEO COLLECTION, Good Design Mark, Vietnam Design Association, VIETNAM.